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West River Bulldogges

Healthy, Intelligent, Athletic & Protective Bulldogges





1/2 Olde English Bulldogge

1/2 American Pitbull Terrier

The breeding between Chuckles and Komatsu will produce exceptional bulldogges. They will be best suited for active families and experienced bulldog owners. Chuckles brings a lot of affection and a very high desire to please to this breeding.  He has a very nice even temperament. He is an exceptional protection / guard dog. He throws a large head, broad shoulders and a big body into his puppies while still maintaining good overall health. His offpring love people and are very good family dogs. 

Komatsu is off of Garner's Momo and West River's Raven. She is a high energy, incredibly intelligent dog. Her pedigree includes the well known Garner's Chinaman, one of the most influential pitbulls of all time.  Combine that with the intelligence of the Bolio bloodline from Momo's mother's line and you have an exceptionally smart and well built bulldog.  She is a very affectionate and loving bulldog. She is also a very physically capable dog. She has very high prey drive and is determined to get the job done. She brings athleticism, intelligence and a willingness to please her owner. Her structure is near perfect and her mind is clear and active.   These puppies will be 3/4 oldie and 1/4 pitbull and should look like a thick olde English Bulldogge.  They will be very capable bulldogs that will be active and athletic.  These puppies will not be registered.  

Expect puppies to be dark colored and brindle. Puppies will be from 65 lbs. to 85 lbs. as adults. I expect these puppies to be built with exceptional structure and muscle tone. These puppies should have a high desire to please their owners. Both parents have natural protective instincts which should be passed on to these puppies. Puppies will be due around the middle of February 2022.


Champion's Maximus


West River's Gitana

The breeding between Maximus and Gitana lines up numerous well known and famous Gargoyle/Renascense bulldogges into one pedigree.  All of the greats are in this pedigree; Gargoyle's Avatar, Gargoyle's Black Omen, Raging Bull's Azarius, and Gargoyle's Supernova.  Maximus' genes will be very prevalent in this breeding as he is on both the top and bottom of the pedigree.   These puppies will be built tight and right.  Both parents are very affectionate and good house dogs.  These puppies will be registered with the IOEBA.  

They should produce several colors; brown, brindle, white and black.  They will be between 60 lbs. and 80 lbs. as adults.  They should have medium activity levels.  Theses puppies should grow up to be exceptional companions and very good family dogs. These puppies will be due around the middle of March 2022.