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West River Bulldogges

Healthy, Intelligent, Athletic & Protective Bulldogges

Puppies Available

Deposits being accepted for Males and Females 

off of Gitana and Max 

Sasha and Chuckles

Gitana Females Available


This white female is a good sized girl.  Nice square body and good head piece.  

She is happy, outgoing and confident.  Loves people and playing around with her littermates.



This little guy is energetic and very affectionate.  He enjoys playing with children and chasing a string or a ball.  He is full of personality and character.  

Sasha and Chuckles' Puppies Available 

2 Females



She is full of spunk and is a very nice looking bully.  She is square and broad.  Loves to play and cuddle.   

She is a brown brindle with white face and paws.  This female is very broad and stocky.  She has a 

mild but entertaining temperament.  


She is full of life and really enjoys playing hard with her sister.  She is built very well.  

Nice square body and good sized chest and shoulders.  She is confident and outgoing.  Her coloring

is a very nice brown brindle.  She is a very nice looking bully.  

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your pick

Average price to ship in the United States is $500 with ground transportation.  

Shipping price is significantly higher now with airlines since most airlines now require

the puppy be accompanied by a passenger.  

Some discounts given to veterans, members of the military and public servants.

Please call, email or text for more information.

(605) 430-1538

[email protected]

We have a one year health guarantee on our pups from the date of birth. It is your responsibility to take your new puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 7 days after purchase for the health guarantee to be valid. We guarantee our pups against genetic defects that are found to be hereditary and life threatening. All claims must be validated by a licensed veterinarian and supported by proper documentation. We also guarantee against Parvo and Distemper and if it can be traced back as originating from us, we will replace the pup, once we receive all veterinarian documentation and all of the puppy's paperwork. It is the Breeders option if we want the replaced pup to be returned or not. A replacement pup will come from the next available litter. The breeder is not responsible for any shipping costs, or any veterinarian bills for any reason. All guarantees are void if the pup has been denied proper treatment or medical care, has been abused, or has been bred.

Our puppies are happy, outgoing, intelligent, and well known for their willingness to please. We highly recommend obedience training for any and all of our puppies. We also encourage all new puppy owners to expose their new puppies to as many new objects, situations, noises and experiences as possible before they are 16 weeks old. By doing this you will help your puppy continue to be confident and develop solid nerves.

We do NOT recommend exercising your puppy for long periods of time or any kind of strenuous activity (long walks or runs) until the dogge is at least one year old, preferably 18 months. We recommend you wait until the dogge is at least one year old before you begin weight pull or any kind of protection sports.  

We feed our puppies a mix of Puppy Chow and a high protein (30%) and high fat (20%) dog food. When you take your puppy home, we recommend you mix 1/2 Puppy Chow with 1/2 of the dog food of your choice. By introducing your preferred dog food with Puppy Chow you will prevent your puppy from having an upset stomach and inconsistent bowel movements.  

For best results on your puppies growth and development, we recommend a high protein (30%) & high fat (20%) diet. We also recommend you feed your growing puppy twice per day to avoid bloat. We have found it helpful to feed your puppy at the same time each day so your puppy's house training is easier because your dogge is on a set schedule.