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West River Bulldogges

Healthy, Intelligent, Athletic & Protective Bulldogges

Champion's Maximus Ultimus

Champion's Maximus Ultimus parents are Valhalla's Ragnar and Gargoyle's Ginni. He is a Gargoyle/Renascence bulldogge. He is an exceptional dogge. He loves kids and is very affectionate. He has very good ball drive and is athletic. He is very soft tempered and responds quickly to training. He is eager to please and will do anything for a chance to play with a ball. He has natural protective instincts. He is a very well mannered house dog and thoroughly enjoys his family. He is not a dominant dogge.  

He is 75 lbs. Stands 18" at the shoulder.

His head is 23". His date of birth is April 21, 2014. He produces wide, stocky and thick bulldogges. 

Max is available for stud to approved females. Stud fee is $1,200. 




Some well known bulldogges on Max's dad's line are Gargoyle's Enoch, Gargoyle's Veda and Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus. These dogges are well known for their willingness to please their owners as well as being natural guardians of their family and property. They all have exceptional structure and conformation.  




Some of the famous bulldogges on Max's mom's side are Gargoyle's Avatar, Gargoyle's Supernova, Gargoyle's Black Omen, Gargoyle's Leah, Gargoyle's Cyrus, Gargoyle's Auger, Pelto's Daisy Dukes and Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus. These dogges are known for their natural protective instincts and high desire to work and please their owners. All are very athletic and are very affectionate with kids and family.  



Chuckles is a large bulldogge with exceptional structure and temperament. He has very good ball/prey drive. He is dark brindle with a dark black mask. He is very aware of his surroundings and has natural protective instincts. He is a happy dogge that loves being with his family. 

His sire is Champion's Maximus and his dam is Bulldog's of Steel's Gypsy. Gypsy was off of LGK Doc Holliday and Evolution's Avenger.

Doc Holliday was off of Greenly's Adam Odo and Birchwood's Isabel. Avenger was off of Evolution's Static and Rock n' Roll's Leah.    

Some of the well known bulldogges in Chuckles pedigree are his maternal grandfather's, Greenly's Adam Odo and Evolution's Static. Other well known dogges are Gargoyle's Leah, Birchwood's Izzabel and LGK's Doc Holiday.  

Chuckles has excellent defensive drives and is a natural guardian and protector. He is aware and alert of his surroundings. He has very solid nerves and excellent drives. He is a very athletic and confident bulldogge.

He is more of a dominant dog that has a very stable and workable temperament. He breathes well and loves to work, play and hang out with family and friends.  

Chuckles combines the size and strength of his mother's line and the strong willingness to please of his father's line. His date of birth is July 31, 2015. He has excellent size and strength. He stands 21" and weighs 85 lbs. His head is 24". He is a large bulldogge. He has an outstanding pedigree with numerous outstanding dogges in his ancestry. He produces large, confident and athletic bulldogges.  

Chuckles is available for stud to approved females. His stud fee is $1200.  


West River's Brutus is a large bulldog that has

exceptional athletic ability. He is incredibly

smart and loves attention from family and

friends. He is showing great potential for

being young. He was born July 29, 2020.

Brutus's sire is Garner's Momo and his

mother is West River's Raven. Raven

is off of West River's Justice and West

River's Chuckles. Brutus is half pitbull

and half Oldie. He is a large bulldog.

He is 90 lbs. and 25" tall. His head is

24" and still growing.  

Brutus combines the intelligence and grit

of Garner's Momo (pitbull) with the

strength and determination of West River's

Raven (Olde English Bulldogge).  He

has great drives and solid nerves. He is

very confident in all situations. He is built

very well and has great muscle tone.

He is an exceptional bulldog with

outstanding dogs in his pedigree.   His natural protective

instincts are exceptional.  He is extremely aware of 

his surroundings and loves to watch over his family 

and territory.